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Hello! Let's refine your farming practices together. Share your farm's details so I can learn and adapt my advice, including images for precise guidance. What are we focusing on today?


Example:“How to manage phytophthora capsici in pumpkin?” or “What is the nutritiant removal for maize per ton?”

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agri1 serves as your dedicated second brain for agricultural challenges, specializing in leveraging unique, personalized data to anticipate and improve your performance. Tailored to your specific needs and constantly evolving over time, agri1 is designed to deliver exceptional solutions in agriculture.

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By saving your conversation history and providing detailed profile information, our AI, agri1, learns about your farming operation, delivering highly contextual and efficient advice tailored to your needs.

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agri1 understands and answers to your agricultural challenges.

Vintner, Spain

“What are some effective ways to control pests on my farm?“

Vintner, Spain

Diary and corn farmer, Brazil

“How can I identify and treat a disease affecting my crops?“

Diary and corn farmer, Brazil

Sunflower farmer, France

“What are the benefits of soil testing and how can I do it?“

Sunflower farmer, France

Apple farmer, Austria

“What types of fertilizers are best for my crops and when should I apply them?”“

Apple farmer, Austria

agri1 Features

With agri1, you can write messages and send images to engage in discussions about your farming operations and receive structured, context-aware AI assistance specialized in agriculture. Whether focused on crops, livestock, or agribusinesses, agri1 provides detailed, tailored information to enhance your decision-making.


agri1 retains your conversation history, leveraging user-reinforced learning to evolve constantly with you. By reading your inputs, it sharpens its expertise, enhancing predictions and recommendations.


agri1 utilizes images to better understand and manage pest control, soil conditions, insects, diseases, crops, and other agricultural imagery. A beta version of image detection is currently running.


Engage in discussions on topics such as fertilizer application, soil improvement, and soil sampling. agri1 collaborates with you, sharing expertise tailored to your farm’s needs.


Together, we build the most effective agricultural AI, with the goal of reaching as many people as possible. Be part of the agri1 community to democratize farming knowledge and AI-driven exchanges.


agri1 becomes an expert in your agricultural operation over time, with continuous improvements from live data, additional data sources, curated data, pest control insights, and technology advice.

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