agri1 is a project designed to make AI usable for agriculture, delivering actionable knowledge through advanced AI technology. We support farmers and agricultural businesses worldwide, offering expertise on a wide range of crops and farming challenges, helping to simplify the complexities of modern agriculture with conversational AI, chat interfaces, and computer vision for image analysis.


Born on a farm and first put live on a blog, we later transitioned to the domain. Here, we continued to improve from our first prototype launched in March 2023, advancing to version 2 in May 2024. The new system features a highly flexible infrastructure, enabling agile and scalable development of domain-specific applications.


Our goal is to make AI a practical and useful tool for agriculture. We focus on providing effective agricultural AI assistance, featuring advanced conversational interfaces and computer vision, to serve as a supportive co-pilot and assistant for agribusinesses. As the AI landscape evolves rapidly, we continuously adapt and learn alongside our users to enhance agri1, ensuring it meets the real-world needs of the farming community.

If you are passionate about farming, sustainability, technology, and AI, contact us and let's exchange: [email protected].

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Effective AI for agriculture

agri1 supports thousands of users across more than 150 countries, offering assistance with a wide array of agricultural challenges. So far, we have addressed issues concerning over 300 different crop and livestock types. Our application aims to simplify various agricultural complexities, including disease diagnosis, soil testing, fertilizer applications, and pest management, as well as administrative matters.

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